5 great sounding reasons to go see Étienne de Crécy

The sound of 90’s France best exemplified by Neon helmet wearing Daft Punk and illuminated cross carrying duo Justice, owes much to the pioneers: De Crécy, Cassius, Stardust (music sounds better with you) and The Superman lovers to name a few. Artists who perfected that brash, melodic and beautiful blend of music known as French Touch.

On Saturday July 25th that sounds hit these shores in the form of a DJ set by Étienne Bernard de Crécy, oft considered the Godfather of French House music. The set takes place in Hanger, Andrews lane, Dublin.

Should you go? Hell oui you should. Here we’ve put together 5 reasons why:

1. Am I wrong

2. You (with Madeline Follin)

3. Prix Choc

4. Funk (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

5. Tempovision




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