Here’s how Life Festival 2015 sounds


Damn, check that line-up! With Nas headlining Life 2015 with a performance of ‘Illmatic’ the rest of the rows could have been filled with One Direction, Hanson and Mongolian throat singers and we’d still have turned up.

But it’s not.

Instead what we’ve got is an all-star ensemble of talented sound makers who are set to rock the leafy grounds of Belvedere House this May.

Pantha du Prince, Kolsch, Kidnap kid and the hope that the ‘Surprise guest’ is hologram Tupac had us sold, but if you need convincing or just wonder who the hell Oneman is, we’ve put together this playable festival poster.

Click on any artists name to play one of their tracks.

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Life Festival runs 29th – 31st May. Tickets here. 


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