Putin the balloon wizard and other gems from /r/gifextra

Putin balloon animals

Over on /r/gifextra, a tribe of peeps see GIFs not for what they are, but for what they could be. GIFs are edited– a little something added, a little something taken away– to make them that extra bit special. The end result is a clever mix of looping hilarity. Here’s the best ones:

1. Silly dog

2. WWE Russia

3. Cloud cat

4. Damn it, Plato. 

5. Emotions running high at the world cup

6. Evil duck

7. Skateboards & MMA don’t mix.

8. Helluva game

9. Catduction

10. God mode activated #1

11. Keeping score

12. God mode activated #2

god mode enabled1

13. Origami


14. Putin the balloon wizard

Putin balloon animals

15. Just gotta clean this corner

this corner









16. To battle

17. Porkour

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