The Viper’s #BIGTALK: Dublin

Before he had the World news gig, The Viper ran a radio show #BIGTalk. In episode 2, The Viper and mates talk Dublin and the big issues.

Dublin: “Dublin is probably the busiest place in Ireland. And also the taniest”.

The economy: “It’s kinda like somebody took a shit at the back of a bus outside a disco”.

Whistleblowers: “Honestly I don’t have a fuckin’ clue. Cause I only just heard about it from someone on a train”.

Jobs: “€188 a week is all any man needs to survive. Just don’t have a wife or kids. Just don’t fuck around”.

Oxegen festival: “There’s murmurings that some of the knackers were planning to basically all kinda group together in the campsite and try invade the rest of the country”.

And more on Barcelona, war and philosophy.

12 minutes of hard hitting hilarity.



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